Minnewaska Winter Walk


Bright, sunny day after the big snowstorm that left our area dry. Walk around Lake Minnewaska was easy.  The sounds coming from the ice on the lake were loud, eerie, animal—like. The smooth surface was interlaced with long crack lines.  We ended with a walk down to the iced over Awosting Falls. Winter wonderland even without snow.
–Leader, Sue Mackson

Photo courtesy Ginny Fauci – Awosting Falls Jan 24, 2016


Can We Get There from Here?

WhichWay Jan 21 HSP

Can we get there from here?

That’s one possible caption for this photo, taken on the Mid Week Hikers January 21 outing in Harriman State Park. The sparkling, crisp day brought out 18 hikers for the 6-mile circuit hike up Long Mountain  and along Turkey and Queensboro Lakes.

Another caption,suggested by co-leader Ginny Fauci: “Are we there yet?”

And from co-leader Lalita Malik: “Where is that shortcut?”

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Photo courtesy Georgette Weir

Welcoming the New Year

Mid Hudson ADKers and guests got 2016 off to a healthy, congenial start with outings on the first days.

January 1, Annual Walk and Lunch with Leader Sue Mackson

Grey but dry and reasonably for New Year’s Day. We followed the flat farm trail and curved around to return via field, woods, and sleeping vegetable beds.  The walkers spread out with the conversational groups changing throughout.  About twelve gathered round the Mackson table for soup.  Get together was enhanced contributions of chocolates, pannetone, fudge, cookies and efforts at singing. Nice way to start the year.

January 2, Cold but Sunny along Hudson River at Mills-Norrie State Park; Leader, Georgette Weir