Hike the Adirondacks High Peaks/Phelps Mountain

Leader: Adrienne Scivolette
October 14, 2020

Women of the Woods Ginny Fauci, Sharon Klein, Ursula Anders and Rose Inman joined 46ers Adrienne Scivolette and Sherry Roulston on an ascent to the 4,161 foot summit of Phelps Mountain in the amazing Adirondacks.  After conquering a few short but challenging scrambles on the steep Phelps Mountain Trail, the group was rewarded with outstanding views of Mts Marcy, Colden and Algonquin from the open summit ledges .  Although past peak,  the foliage was golden and glowed when the sun filtered through. The Marcy Dam and the the Phelps Brook posed photogenically for our hiking photographers. A great day with enthusiastic and accomplished hikers!