Hike Hunter Mt./ Colonel’s Chair Trail

Leader: Sharon Klein
June 6, 2021

It was a clear Summer day on our hike up to the top of the Hunter Mountain ski lifts known as the “Colonel’s Chair” trail. The hike up the Hunter Mountain bridle path was pretty non-descript until we took a detour to the John Robb lean-to. This magical fairy land of a spur trail took us to a fantastic panoramic view point where we had a snack break before going onto our destination. On the way we were treated to a fast flowing ice-cold mountain water source flowing into a horse trough, where we all took turns cooling off our over-heated heads. We welcome new member Stacey E. to our chapter and thank our guest from the Albany chapter, Paiman for his great knowledge and discussion about food labeling.

Hikers were Ginny, Louise, Alan, Paiman, StaceyE and the leader, Sharon.