Paddle the Great Swamp Obstacle Course

Coordinator: JeanetteTB
Date: Sunday, June 6, 2021

What an adventure! It was an intensely hot day, but so nice to be in the cool waters of the Great Swamp in Patterson, NY.   The water level was high, making it easier to portage over obstacles, but more difficult to duck under others. But we still needed to exit our boats to climb over the infamous beaver dam! Thankfully the group of 8 paddlers came together and helped each other over the obstacles. Overall we paddled more than 7.5 miles in the swamp, some of it upstream against the strong current in the Croton River . We saw herons, red-winged blackbirds, baby Canadian Geese in their nest (so cute!), and a red shouldered hawk. Despite the heat, this was one of the best paddles ever!

Intrepid paddlers were Roberta, Russ, Dea, Natalie, TomA, DaveW, Jonathan and the coordinator, Jeanette. (We had many “leaders” in this group!)

Photos courtesy Natalie, Roberta and Jeanette.