Paddle the Hudson River from North Germantown

Leader: Russ Faller
Sunday, July 11, 2021
Outing: Hudson River paddle from No. Germantown

We arrived at 8 AM at the Lasher Memorial Park launch in order to beat the rain forecasted for around 1 PM.  The river could have inspired a Hudson River School painting.  The clouds were low and gray, the air was foggy, the water was calm, there was no wind at all.  Clouds hung low over the Catskills northern escarpment.  The river was silent – no boat traffic. We paddled north, along the east shore, and entered the Roeliff Jansen Kill.  The tide was going out so we did not paddle to the Rt. 9G bridge.  Upon returning to the Hudson, we crossed and paddled up the west shore along a marsh with several duck blinds.  We decided not to enter the Ramshorn Marsh because the tide was ebbing and we didn’t want to get stuck in the mud.  So we continued north to the Catskill Creek.  As we neared the mouth of the creek, we were thrilled to hear a concert by the village’s church bells.  We paddled up the creek to the RR bridge, where the current pushed us back.  We returned to the No. Germantown launch in a drizzly mist at about 1:30 PM.  We beat the rain. 

Paddlers were: Judy, Charlotte & Russ, the outing leader.

Photos courtesy Charlotte.

Hudson River at Roeliff Jansen Kill
Hudson River at Catskill, N.Y.