Paddle and Swim the Rio Reservoir

Leader: JeanetteTB
Date: Sunday, August 15, 2021

It was a beautiful day for a paddle! The skies in Forestburgh were sunny, the temperature was normal, and there was no wind. We launched into the Rio Reservoir at the DEC Boat Launch and headed north, but the water was so low that we quickly bottomed out. So we turned around and paddled south, past the waterfall. (There was no need to climb out of our boats; we could see the falls from the water.) We continued paddling and stopped at a rocky beach for lunch. After lunch we dove into the clean water of the reservoir for a long, refreshing swim. The dam was just another mile, so we continued south. After seeing the dam view, we paddled back to the put-in.
The fauna sitings were disappointing (we counted only one eagle, two ducks and a heron). But we were fascinated by dozens of “alien eggs” that were attached to branches under the water. These are bryozoans, microscopic aquatic invertebrates that live in colonies in fresh water. Their exoskeletons are gelatinous, and the colonies take the form of rounded, jellylike masses. Very cool!
Total mileage was 7.5 miles.

Paddlers were Janet, Charlotte, Jonathan and the leader, Jeanette.

Photos courtesy Charlotte and Jeanette.