Hike Burger Hill and Ferncliff Forest

Leader: Annette Caruso
Sunday, January 2, 2022

The weather cleared at the start of the new year just long enough for eleven ADK members to hike these picturesque parks in Rhinebeck.  Ten of us hiked Burger Hill, the top of which was as expected: cold, windy and clear. We could see for miles, but stopped long enough just to catch our breath and hike down the muddy back-side.  Ferncliff was also a bit muddy, but it was tranquil and calm in the woods.  Jeanette, Jonathan and Sayi all braved the fire-tower where we stopped for lunch and made it out of the park nearly before the rain.
A good start for 2022.

Hikers were Joyce, Marie, Ellen, Sayi, Jeanette, Jonathan, Shirley, Barbara, Randy, Connie and the leader, Annette Caruso.