Hike South Gully/Long Path, Sam’s Point

Leader: Sharon Klein
Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The “exploratory” hike of South Gully trail, co-aligned with the Long Path, in Sam’s Point turned out to be a great success. A hidden gem, in my opinion, this trail is hardly used, as compared with the conga lines that have been found recently on other trails there. It has everything but “views”, however, views are in the eyes of the beholder. To me, the interesting views are in the forest, not looking away from the forest. This hike had all of that; flowing streams, waterfalls, rock outcroppings, and challenging terrain. The elevation gain and loss can be compared with some of the Catskills peaks without the scrambles. It is accessed off the left carriage road from the Visitor Center just past the first “berry picker” cottage”. If you only want to do the descent, a car can be parked across route 52 at the Long Path pull-off, but the real fun came with the ascent back up the hill to the cars. We all got our huff n puff in for the day.

Hikers included: Kathy C, Roberta F, Sherri G, Jean M, Eddi Z, Ellen B and the leader, Sharon Klein.