Hiking Guidelines

– Check out our Hiking Tips for safe and enjoyable outings
– Notify leader of your intent to join an outing.
– Be at designated meeting place on time.
– Wear sturdy footwear, for season & type of outing.
– Be equipped with water, lunch, snacks, and rain gear
To bring a dog, call leader to get permission, bring a leash,
be able to control dog and be responsible for
its needs, especially water.
Car Pooling (encouraged) will include $.20/mile +
tolls and parking fees to be equally
divided among the non-driving participants.

Hike Ratings
Class A —Difficult: More than 1500’ climb or 8+ mi
Class B—Moderate: Less than 1500’ climb, 6-8 miles
Class C—Easy: Well-graded trails, less than 6 miles
Walk—Suitable for Children, less than 4 mile