Outing Participant Responsibilities

Mid-Hudson ADK Outing Participant Responsibilities

Our Volunteer Outing Leaders accept responsibility for planning and guiding safe hikes and paddles for people with diverse capabilities and in a range of conditions.
Participants in our outings also have responsibilities to ensure a safe and fun time for themselves, their group, and for leaders. Here are some tips for contributing to good, safe outings for all.

  • FITNESS: Know your level of fitness and limitations. The trip leader will ask questions about your experience, fitness, equipment, medical condition, expectations, etc. Be Honest! With yourself and with the leader.
  • DEPARTURE: Unless otherwise stated, please sign up with the leader for all Chapter activities. Do not simply show up at the designated meeting place. Arrive at the designated meeting place before the stated departure time and be ready to go (boots on, packs packed, etc.).
  • CAR-POOLING: When car-pooling for chapter outings, please be sure to share in the cost of the gas, factoring in the distance and current price of gas. Leaders should remind participants of this at the start of the activity.
  • PETS: Do not bring a pet unless the trip leader agrees that it is okay. Bring a leash.
  • ETIQUETTE: Please stay with the group or ask to proceed and stop at each intersection, then wait for the entire group to re-assemble before moving on. Each participant should keep those in front or behind in view.
  • EQUIPMENT: You are expected to carry your own and adequate equipment, water and food. If in doubt about what to bring, ask the trip leader!
  • SUGGESTIONS FOR ALL SEASONS: Water: 2 – 3 quarts, layered clothing (NO cotton), extra socks, hat, shell (wind & rain), extra sweater or jacket, headlamp, gloves, sturdy boots, sunglasses/sunscreen (SPF 15), first aid kit, food, map & compass.
  • WINTER GEAR: Foot Traction for icy conditions, i.e. some form of spiky pull-on. (Note: Though good to walk to the mailbox, non-spike traction, such as coils, generally are not sufficient and can be unsafe on trails. MHADK requires spikes in these conditions.)
  • CANCELLATIONS: Let the trail leader know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your planned activity. Many have waiting lists.
  • CALLS: Most leaders appreciate being called before 9:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.
  • CELL PHONES: It is common courtesy to keep cell phones turned off when traveling in a car or on the trail with a group.

This list is inspired and adapted from our friends of the Albany ADK Chapter.