Officers & Volunteers

2023 MHADK Board of Directors and Committed Volunteers

Elected Officers

Chair: Georgette Weir
Vice Chair: Annette Caruso
Secretary: Eileen Digan
Treasurer: Ralph Pollard
Chapter Director: Paul Silverstein
Chapter Director: Dea McNealy
ADK Advisory Council Trustee:  David “Starchild” Koehler
ADK Advisory Council Trustee (Alternate): Lalita Malik
Past Chair: Carla Barrett

Appointive Positions / Standing Committees

Communications Chair: Cindy Colter
Conservation Chair: 
Daniel Jones
Database Chair: Eli Cohen
Education Chair: Sharon Klein
Finance Chair: Ralph Pollard
Membership Chair: Pete Cantline
Newsletter Co-Chairs: Jeanette Tully-Baker with Pete Cantline
Outings Chair: Ginny Fauci
Programs Chair:  open
Publicity Chair (Webmaster / Facebook / Meetup):
Jeanette Tully-Baker
Social Chair: open
Trails Chair /  NY/NJ Trail Conference Rep: Georgette Weir
Water Trails & Paddles Chair: Russ Faller
Rep. to Hyde Park Trails Committee: Salley Decker
Ad-Hoc Library Committee Chair: Carla Barrett


MHADK roles and responsibilities

Previous MHADK Board Members

2020-2022 MHADK Board Members