Russ Faller looks back on a couple of summer paddles in the Adirondacks

One of our busiest outings leaders, Russ Faller, is home from a summer filled with paddles and backpacks. He recently took time to send photos from a couple of his extended paddles in the Adirondacks. As Russ says: “The pictures tell the story.”
Sept. 2-5, 2016  Oswegatchie River Basecamp, NW Adirondacks
Leader: Russ Faller
A mellow and enlightening paddling/hiking/camping trip where the pictures tell the story. Photo credits:  Ron Gonzalez & Peter Arnold.

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July 12-14. 2016  St. Regis Canoe Wilderness to Paul Smiths, northern Adirondacks
Leader: Russ Faller
This was a fascinating, but strenuous excursion.  The pictures tell the story. Photo credits go to Tom Amisson, J-C Fouere & Ron Plaisted.

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