Sleeping with the Indian Sled-pack/Backpack

Leader: Russ Faller
March 3-5, 2021

We pulled sleds or carried backpacks into the Indian Head Wilderness of the Catskills. This area is rugged and offers great solitude in Winter. We camped, in tents, 2 nights around the Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to.
March 4th was very cold and windy, with snow flurries, in the morning. It dropped below zero that night. We did 3 side hikes from our basecamp:

  • March 3: Hiked up Indian Head Mtn. to Sherman’s Lookout
  • March 4: Hiked to Overlook Mtn., for the fantastic view from the fire tower, with a stop at Cod Fish Point
  • March 5: Bushwacked, breaking trail, up Plattekill Mtn. to the first viewpoint.

Participants were: Dennis, Chris, Juliet, Jan, Blue Thunder, and the leader.