MHADK Chapter Bylaw Changes

Chapter Bylaw Changes

RevisedBylaws_mhadk_logoBylaw changes at the Club level that went into effect in January of this year necessitate a few changes to our Mid-Hudson ADK Chapter bylaws.

In particular the positions of Club Director and Alternate Club Director, which were the Chapter representatives to the Club ADK board,  are being eliminated.  In addition there are two new positions for the Trustee and Alternate Trustee to the ADK Advisory Council; this council is comprised of representatives of chapters and members-at-large.  Language in our bylaws that relates to these changes are recommended in the proposed MHADK bylaws revisions. We are also recommending that official chapter communications, such as notice of elections, annual meetings and meeting quorum can be done electronically and that electronic voting for Chapter board members be permitted when deemed necessary

A copy of the proposed revised bylaws, which have been approved by the board, are posted on our Chapter Bylaws page.

A vote to accept the revisions is planned for our next Annual Meeting, to be held this fall if circumstances allow, or electronically. Stay tuned.

–Annette Caruso, Chair Bylaw Revision Committee