ADK 2022 Wiezel Cabin Program: Expression of Interest

Wiezel Cabin at Heart Lake, North Elba, NY. Presidents’ Day Weekend (2/18-2/21).

The MHADK Chapter typically rents Wiezel Cabin at Heart Lake, North Elba, NY for our exclusive use for Presidents’ Day Weekend (2/18-2/21). The cabin holds 16, four in each of four bunk rooms, however we will be limiting the occupancy to 8-10 persons, 2-3 max per room, to permit adequate social-distancing . We share Men’s/Women’s bathrooms, a common room for socializing and eating, and a small kitchen for meal preparation.

Occupancy of the cabin shall conform to the ADK Covid-19 Precautions and Protocols listed below. These are subject to change over time and can be viewed at The cost for 8 persons will be $150 per person, for 10 persons it will be $120, for the three nights.

Arrival date is Friday, February 18th. All meals will be on your own, there will be no pot-luck meals this year. Hors-d’oeuvres and beverages will also be on your own, including wine glasses. At this time meals prepared in the Loj are only for guests at the Loj. This may change over time as well.

ADK Covid-19 protocol, as of 11/12/21, requires the following:

  • All participants must be vaccinated
  • Submittal of Proof of vaccination to Pete Cantline by 12/15/21
  • Submittal of Proof of negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of 2/17/22 to Pete Cantline
  • Masks are required indoors, provided by yourself
  • Maintain social distancing (6-feet or more)
  • Maintain healthy hand sanitation, including regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, provided by yourself
  • Wipe down and disinfect shower stall and sinks after use; materials will be provided in each of the two bathrooms

At this point we are looking for an Expression of Interest, proof of vaccination, and an indication of your willingness to share a room with one or two other persons by 12/15. The list of intended participants will be distributed to permit you to select the individuals with which you will be willing to share a room.

Your final commitment and payment of fee will be due by 1/20/22. If the number of registrants is less than eight, a revised fee schedule may be required.

Contact Pete Cantline if you are interested: