Hike Falling Waters

Leader: John Ragusa
Sunday, December 12, 2021

We met at the parking lot of the Falling Waters Preserve. The day was sunny and pleasant for mid-December. There were 8 participants including the Leader. We started on the Blue Trail which brought us down a winding path pass a beautiful waterfall with benches underneath a wooden trellis. We then proceeded to the river’s edge where we observed an abandoned ice house used many years ago when ice was harvested from the river during winter and sent down to New York. We then came back up and proceeded on the Red Trail which took us pass meadows and into the woods and eventually to another waterfall in a ravine leading to the river’s edge. We then took the yellow trail which brought us down to the river and continued along the water’s edge, observing the coastline and the view across the river into Columbia County. We then continued up the ridge and back to the Red Trail and to the parking lot where we started.
Hikers were Peter, Pat, Gloria, Barbara, Teresa, Lee, Marie and the leader, John Ragusa.