Hike Windham High Peak

Leader: Sharon Klein
Sunday, January 23, 2022
Windham High Peak, co-listed with Catskill 3500 club

It was a cold wintry day as eleven hardy hikers trekked up Windham High Peak in the northern Catskills. A perfect trench was broken out all the way to the summit. The hard pack enabled most of us to carry our snow shoes all the way up, just using our spikes. The snow covered ledges made the trek relatively easy, despite the extra weight of our winter packs. Nevertheless, our cars were a welcome site as we were all quite exhausted by day’s end.

Hikers were Jean-Claude F, Georgette W, Roger G, Robert P, Colin C, Roe D, Kathy C, Louise D, Anne S, Melinda G and the leader, Sharon Klein.