Poisoned Bait Meat Claims Unintended Victim in Catskills

Alan Via is well known in ADK circles. A long-time hike leader, volunteer, and author of the book The Catskill 67: A Hiker’s Guide to the Catskill 100 Highest Peaks under 3500. Alan visited MHADK and gave a presentation on the subject of his book. And it was there that many of us also got to know, vicariously, his four-legged hiking partner, Bookah.

AlanViaBookah-450Sadly, a March 1 report in Albany’s Times Union newspaper revealed that Bookah died while hiking in the Catskills with Via, the victim of strychnine-laced meat that someone had placed deep in the woods.

Reporter Chris Churchill writes, “Via has come to believe the meat was left by a hunter hoping to protect the deer population by killing a coyote. There’s no way to prove that, of course, but there aren’t many plausible reasons for why strychnine would be placed so deeply in the woods. Via hopes publicizing Bookah’s death can prevent a repeat of his experience.”

Via shares this story as a caution to dog owners and to those who use poisoned bait in the woods for any reason. Read the full story in the Times-Union. http://m.timesunion.com/local/article/Churchill-Poison-doesn-t-belong-in-the-woods-5280955.php

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