Mysterious King’s Chamber Gets ADK Visit

ADK Hike to the King"s Chamber in Fafnestock SP on 3/26/16
ADK Hike to the King’s Chamber in Fahnestock SP on 3/26/16

Leader: Tom Buckley

I had 18 hikers join me for an adventurous hike to the two stone chambers in a remote part of Fahnestock State Park. There are a couple of ways to access the unmarked trails & woods roads that lead to the largest known stone chamber on the east coast called the “King’s Chamber” & anadjacent smaller stone chamber called the “Tomb”. The route I chose is my favorite way to access the chambers because it avoids most of the extremely rocky and eroded areas that you have to cross when hiking in from the alternative starting points. A few hikers had already found the two chambers on earlier hikes and were interested in learning about the new route, but for most of the hikers this was their first attempt at finding the stone chambers. Once at the chambers we spent a lot of time taking photos and looking at all the numerous stonewalls on the surrounding hillside. This area certainly had a rich agricultural history. We also explored some of the ruins of the old CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) encampment nearby.


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