ADKers Give Black Creek Water Trail a Manicure

by Russ Faller
June 3, 2017: Nine Mid-Hudson Adirondack Mtn. Club members and 3 Lloyd Environmental Conservation Council members gathered where Rt. 299 crosses the Black Creek in the Town of Lloyd, NY.  These 2 groups built the water trail in the early 1990s and have been maintaining it since.
   The crew gathers.
                    1. The crew assembles
Above, left to right: Jeff Kaplan, Dave Kaplan, Russ Faller, Judy Mage, Jean McAvoy, Johnny D., Bob Clark, Kelly Oggenfuss & Bud Hossenlopp.  Roger Nott behind the camera.  Stan Augie already on the water.  Scott Greene hiding.
We paddle south looking for obstructions.
 2. We paddle south looking for obstructions
   Still no obstructions.
 3. Still no obstructions
   Too bad we didn’t take a “before” shot.  This tree (below) took 1.5 hours to clear.
   4. Too bad we didn't take a before shot. This took 1.5 hours to open.
We continued upstream, under the old RR bridge, to New Paltz Rd., finding only light work.  We were relieved!
5. We continued under the old RR bridge to New Paltz Rd. finding only minor work.

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