Vanderbilt Loop Walk

Leaders: Georgette Weir and Annette Caruso
December 26, 2020

Brrrr! We knew it was winter, but having enjoyed temps near 60 degrees F for a couple of days, the sudden drop into the 20s was a shock to the system, despite the sun. A couple of people had second thoughts, but 14 ADKers, divided into two walking groups, turned out for a post-holiday stretch of the legs. Conditions underfoot were good–no ice and no mud. Thanks go to Annette Caruso, who agreed to lead a second group to accommodate all those on the waitlist.
Group 1 led by Georgette Weir included Pete C, Ellen K, Connie H, Kathleen Y, and Carol G. 
Group 2 led by Annette comprised Gwen C, Shirley F, Jeff and grandson Jasper, and Ann and Jeff G. 

Group 1 by the Hudson River. Pete considers the No Swimming sign.