Snowshoe the Hudson Highlands Nature Center

Leader: John Ragusa
February 13, 2021

We met at the visitor’s parking lot of the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall. The day was cloudy and very cold. This was a snow-shoe hike as there was over 2 feet of snow on the ground. There were 7 participants, including the leader. We started on the green trail through a large, open field. We trail-blazed through the snow as no one else traversed the trails before us. We then went behind the museum and took the Teal trail through the woods and up an embankment where we briefly merged with the yellow trail. We then continued on the Teal trail down a slope where the snow was very deep, again trail blazing all the way. We then took the red trail through some brush and continued on the blue trail which took us to some ponds, including Muscrat Pond and Goose Pond. We then ended our journey at the mansion house. All said they had a good time.