Paddle the Bashakill

Leader: Jeanette TB
May 23, 2021

Despite the gusting winds, it was a lovely day for a paddle in the marsh of the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area. We paddled as a group for the first 4 miles, viewing turtles, red-winged black birds and a swarm of butterflies. After spotting an osprey flying overhead, we were thrilled to see a bald eagle, perched just a few feet above a huge nest (perhaps protecting the nest from the osprey?). After we finished the official paddle, others continued in the opposite direction… all the way down to the bridge & back for a total of 9 miles.
Luckily nobody was attacked by the “water python”!
Paddlers were Keith, Dea, Carla, Ellen, Connie, Natalie, Jonathan, Martha and the leader, Jeanette.

Photos courtesy Natalie and Jeanette.