Hike North and South Redoubts, Loop at Hudson Highlands & Garrison School Forest

Leader: Georgette Weir
Friday, November 5, 2021

What a beautiful fall day! A little nippy, but good for hiking. Our group enjoyed port-hole views over the Hudson River and West Point from the redoubts (small Revolution-era fortresses, now wooded over), and a wild and woolly one-mile up-and-down ramble on the Purple Trail, passage there made more difficult by many blow-downs. Good spirits and a sense of adventure prevailed. Many thanks to Martha Rabson, who led the group through this section while the leader accompanied one participant back to the parking area (back problems), then hastily backtracked to catch up.

Joining Georgette Weir and Martha were Jean Mc, Richard C, Jean M, Ann C (new member), Judy B, Shari A, and Tamara K.

View of West Point,
Photo by Jean Martin