Minnewaska State Park Trail Maintenance

Leader: Georgette Weir
Friday, June 10, 2022
Upper Mine Hole Trail (Long Path) maintenance outing, Minnewaska State Park

A Big Thank-You to KathyC, ConnieH, and DaveW who joined Georgette Weir on a spectacularly beautiful day to check out our club’s adopted trail at Minnewaska, do some clipping and other maintenance, and just enjoy a great hike–views of the Catskills; mountain laurel in bloom. It’s a long section to maintain (3.4 miles) and involved a 1600-foot gradual climb from Foordmore Road to the end of our section at the Smiley Carriage Road. We were pleased to find the trail in better shape than we expected. Several bushy sections will need attention in the not-too-distant future, but the trail is easily traversed.

Photos by ConnieH.