2022 Annual Meeting and Picnic

A shivering quorum (40) of hearty MHADKers (it was a cold, windy, overcast October 2) gathered at Bowdoin Park for our first in-person Annual Meeting since 2019. Conditions were too rough for Jeanette Tully-Baker’s planned paddle on Wappinger Creek to the Hudson River, but Sue Mackson led a small group of walkers to points of interest in the park.

Many thanks to Annette Caruso who kept warm while grilling the veggie and hamburgers; to Carole Marsh for coordinating the event, including securing the pavilion and various picnic essentials; Chair Carla Barrett who MCed; and to everyone who attended and contributed desserts and side dishes.

Special thanks to chapter member Tom Lake, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation estuary naturalist and teacher of history, who spoke about two features of the park of particular interest: bald eagles (there is a large nest that has been home to a successful breeding couple) and a prehistoric rock shelter that dates to 5,000 years ago. Tom is a very informed and engaging speaker, and after the picnic, folks went out in search of the features he mentioned. Tom is well known as editor of the Hudson River Almanac, a weekly, natural history newsletter available to all at https://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/25608.html