A message from your Chapter Chair, Fall 2022

Carla Barrett

A Message from your Chapter Chair, Fall 2022

There’s good news and not so good news and some pretty interesting stuff:

The good news, as detailed elsewhere in this Newsletter, is that we now have newly elected Chapter Officers for the term starting in January 2023.  Many thanks to those who made it happen, specifically Georgette Weir, Annette Caruso, Ralph Pollard, Eileen Digan, Dea McNealy and Paul Silverstein.  You are to be applauded for your volunteerism. We look forward to your leadership.

The understandable and yet sad news is that two of our longtime volunteer Committee Chairs are retiring: Ginny Fauci as Outings Chair and Carole Marsh as Social Programs Chair.  We have a person who would like to co-chair the Social Programs Chair position so if you would like to share that post, please let me know.  The Outings Chair is yet unclaimed.  It is an opportunity for someone to lead us, with assistance from Ginny and the Board, in forming/guiding/establishing how the Chapter manages its outings in the future.  The outings themselves are managed by the outing leaders.  The Chapter Outings Chair guides and manages the overall outings program.  So, if you’d like to see some changes this is your chance to have a meaningful, beneficial impact on many lives.  If you are interested, please contact me or Ginny at midhudsonadk@gmail.com.

Your Chapter has a steady membership of just over 800 persons.  The Board often wonders why we don’t have more people on our outings and at our social events.  I think one reason we don’t see more of you is because you don’t like what we offer.  Or, you have better things to do.  Or both.  I would like to know what you would like to see and do?  Please let me know.

One thing we don’t offer regularly due to unpredictable snowfall is cross-country ski lessons.  We do get requests and try to fulfill them when we can.  A more reliable opportunity now exists:  ADK’s newly acquired Cascade Ski Center.  This year, skiing and lessons there will be free!!  Check it out.

ADK is asking members to verbally document interesting, historical ADK experiences via the ADK Voices project at adkvoices.org.  There are a lot of very interesting historical recordings there already.  Listening is a great way spend part of an evening.  If you are interested in making your own recording click on adkvoices1@gmail.com and someone will contact you about how to do it.

This is my last contribution to the Newsletter as your Chapter Chair.  It’s been a blast!  Thank you for the opportunity.  I hope to see your name somewhere as a volunteer.

Carla Barrett