Hike Minnewaska, Lake Awosting via Mossy Glen and Jenny Lane

Leader: Sharon Klein
Friday, November 25, 2022

Six intrepid hikers and leader, Sharon Klein challenged the poor weather prediction to come out the day after Thanksgiving to burn some calories in Minnewaska.  The planned start time of 9:00 was changed to noon, and the planned destination of Castle Point was changed to a loop hike out to Lake Awosting via Mossy Glen and Jenny Lane, in order to avoid wet rocks and the early onset of darkness.  We returned on the carriage road, making sure we’d hit it before it got dark or the clouds moved in.  This was a great call, as the rain had already come and gone and we got out well before dark.  Not another soul was seen on the entire hike.  It seemed like we had the whole park to ourselves.  Even though calories were burned, more were accumulated, as the group continued the camaraderie with dinner and libations at a local restaurant, a popular spot among hikers known for its hardy food and large portions.  

Hikers included Pete C., Sherri G., Barbara W., Elaine C., Kathy A., Steven G., and the leader, Sharon Klein.