Tour of Lewis Hollow Archeological Site

Outing leader: Glenn Kreisberg
Outing organizer: Sharon Klein
Sunday, January 15, 2023

On Sunday Jan. 15 our chapter was once again treated to a guided tour of a local Ceremonial Stone Landscape (CSL) site, this time at the bottom of Overlook Mountain in Woodstock. Glenn Kreisberg, who is a licensed NYS guide, is also a scholar on the subject of the ancient stone mounds and walls that can be found throughout the northeast and right here in the Hudson Valley, that are presumed to have been built and used by native Americans for various rituals. This the third outing that Glenn has led for the chapter. 

Joining the leader Glenn K., and the organizer, Sharon K., were participants Carla B., Charlie S., Dieter S., Shari A., Joe F., Joanne S., Ellen B., Jean M., Joanna N., Jason K., Casey F., and Mary R.