Paddle the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area

Leader: Jeanette TB
Sunday, June 26, 2022
Bashakill Wildlife Management Area, Wurtsburo, NY

After three failed attempts to schedule this paddle in the spring, we finally found a day without thunderstorms and high winds. It was a sunny, clear day for a paddle. The launch area was starting to get clogged with lily pads and duckweed, but we easily paddled through it. We had chatted briefly with one of the Bashakill Area Association members to learn there were three juvenile eagles in the nest this year, and we spotted one flying overhead. It was quite large, with brown feathers (no white yet!). In addition to the Pickerel weed and water lilies, we spotted tiny white flowers we’d never seen before. We later identified this native aquatic plant as Creeping Burhead (Echinodorus cordifolius). We paddled both kayaks and canoes past the huge eagle nest, then to the rapids and back.  Total distance paddling was four easy miles.

Paddlers included ADK members ConnieH, EllenK, EricH, JohnS, DianeD, JohnA & JudyA and the leader, JeanetteTB. Joining us were non-ADK members RichS, RoseC, RonaL, CathyL and GwenL.