Paddle the Furgary Shacks

Leader: Jeanette TB
Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022
The Furgary Shacks, Hudson, NY

The floating kayak launch at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, with its ramp, rollers and rails, made it a breeze to launch our kayaks into the Hudson. After all ten paddlers had launched, we headed past several docked boats. A boat owner pointed to a huge log sticking out of the water; she asked us to bring it to shore. Several of our paddlers were happy to corral the log safely to shore. After doing our good-deed-for-the-day, we headed under the RR tracks to view the dilapidated “Furgary Shacks”. Russ provided some fascinating history of the shacks. This collection of seventeen small buildings—some of which may date back to the late 1800s—is sometimes known as “Shantytown”. The shacks were primarily used as fishing and hunting getaways. They’ve deteriorated over the years, with several hovering over the water’s edge. While in the bay, we enjoyed watching the small fish (baby shad?) jumping out of and skimming across the water. We enjoyed lunch on the beach at the southernmost tip of Middle Ground Flats. Some paddlers headed back to the launch, while others paddled around the Hudson Athens Lighthouse. Built in 1874, the lighthouse was originally operated and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. It is now owned by the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society.
It was a memorable paddle!

Paddlers included ADK members Russ F., Linda W., Jonathan B., Gwen L., John A., Charlotte M., Dea M., Eric H., and the leader, Jeanette TB.  One non-ADK member, Marcia W., joined us.

Photos by Charlotte M., Gwen L., and Jeanette TB.