Pre-Picnic Hike at Bowdoin

Leader: Sue Mackson
Sunday, October 2, 2022

It was cold for October and, drizzly and overcast, brrr weather and I wondered if we were really going ahead with the picnic.  But I went early to Bowdoin Park to check out some of the trails thinking I would probably return home after that.  When I reached the pavillion which Carole Marsh had reserved for us–a nice one, removed from the crowded part of the park—waiting for the hike to begin were Howard and Pam Spilke and Charlotte Mann.  I was amazed they had the motivation to get out on such a nasty day. Ginny arrived shortly, all the way from Rosendale and so, we took off.  The drizzle abated and we warmed up walking the northern trails. Highlight was the huge and ancient sycamore tree, which Sayi had once pointed out to me, but which I couldn’t find on my first go round.  It was nice to have the delicious dishes of the pot luck waiting at our return.  All of us picnic attendees appreciated the informative talk by Tom Lake and the chance to socialize after the food. Charlotte Mann,  Howard and Pam Spilke, Ginny Fauci with leader/narrator Sue Mackson.