Hike the Skywalk from Thomas Cole to Olana

Leader: Ginny Fauci
Thursday, October 6, 2022
From our Mid-Week Hikes

We hiked across the Skywalk from Thomas Cole to Olana & back, sunny, low 70’s, a little color, a lot of green. We spread out for lunch on benches all over the hill in front of Olana. Then we walked down to the barns & halfway around the lake before going up to the view from Crown Hill where you could see the Berkshires in the distance. We came back on Ridge Road passing Sacred Site, an art exhibition by Diana Wege of Frederic Church’s largest painting, Niagara Falls, from the American Side, 1867. Another gorgeous day in the outdoors.

Hikers were Connie, Cindy, Sharron, Dea, Charlotte, Jean, Kathy A, Tamar, Kathy O, Margaret, Marsha, Sue M (who joined on East side), and the leader Ginny.